Kakain na!


I’ve wanted to write a food blog for years.  In fact, I can pretty much pinpoint when the thought came to me that I could do this – it was 2008, and I was volunteering at a food bank with individuals from a local dining group.  When I arrived, I learned that the group I was with were food writers.  Fascinating!  I’d never previously personally encountered any bloggers and learned of the blogs of two.  I checked out their blogs once I returned home.

I’ll admit I was a little intimidated, just as I had been before when reading food-related posts from others.  Their posts contained myriad details with colorful adjectives for the food they’d consumed and dishes they’d created.  Did I really want to plunge into this world – one that was already populated by those who could write so much better than I?  Apparently, not at that time.

So, here I am, nine years later, finally getting my start.  I’m like the Cirie of food-writing (for you “Survivor” fans out there).  I’m a big fan of all things culinary.  Huge.  However, as big a fan as I am, I feel like I’ve been more a “couch-potato” culinary fan than an active participant.  I’ve wanted to be.  Truly.  I have tons of kitchen equipment, gadgets, special serving/storage containers, cookbooks and other food-related books.  As a child, I’d spend hours fantasizing in the J.C. Penney kitchen department as I gazed at all of the candy-making accoutrements.  I’d pore over my mother’s Betty Crocker recipe index cards and ask her if she could make the dishes that captured my interest (no luck).  As an adult, I daydreamed about all the cool things I’d learn to cook and bake once I found a suitable cooking class and eagerly explored opportunities to expand my palate.  And, still, I’d meet like-minded individuals and feel like an imposter in the face of their numerous dining and cooking experiences.

Not completely deterred, I built upon both my cooking/baking and writing skills while visions of hobby-baking and food-writing danced in my head.  I majored in history at one point, realizing what fun it could be to become a culinary historian.  I indulged in cake-decorating courses at the local Michael’s Arts & Crafts and took semester-long classes in American River College’s culinary program.  I joined food-related book clubs, attended dining group events, enrolled in butchering classes by Taylor’s Market and, even, volunteered with the American Cheese Society when they held their conference in town.  Despite being so gung ho and, actually, blogging for a few months last year for a creative writing course, my fear of writing less-than-stellar blog posts continued to hold me back.

What finally lit the fire under me?  The annual International Food Blogger Conference.  Apparently, they found so much still to explore in Sacramento that the conference is being held here for the second year in a row.  Hoorah!  I’d love to network with actual bloggers and glean useful tips from their experience.  However, I remain a woman with champagne tastes on a beer budget.  Registration for the non-blogger is $300 more than for the active blogger.  What’s a non-blogger to do?  Well, duh, finally start that blog, that’s what!  Since this is something I’ve been wanting to do anyway, what a bonus that I could also qualify for a discount AND be recognized as an active blogger.  This looks to be a totally cool adventure! 

Kakain na!*

* Tagalog for “Eat now!”

 #kakainna #socalval

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